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Alef List Posting Number 8

Message to Alef List September 5, 2007

Tony Greenstein exposed

When Tony Greenstein puts his fingers to the keyboard, he has an irresistible urge to type out lies. His latest post defaming me is a case in point:

1. Tony Greenstein alleges that I "was thrown out of a Jews Against Zionism seminar recently for sitting there texting others the content of what was happening." This is a lie. I was making notes on a Blackberry hand-held device. I even offered to show them to Roland Rance. He threw me out anyway. The fact that I didn't share his ideology was enough to get me banned. My conduct at that meeting was totally unobjectionable and I left quietly and peacefully. And this was publicly confirmed by Deborah Maccoby of Jews for Justice for Palestinians. [1]

2. Tony Greenstein also claims that I am a friend of Gilad Atzmon and that I worship him as a hero. This is another lie. I have publicly attacked Gilad Atzmon's opinions. Tony Greenstein, on the other hand, sent Gilad Atzmon a gushing email saying that he would be delighted to hear him play jazz and that his views were "spot on re: the Zionist collaboration with the Nazis." [2] This is, of course, laughable: Tony Greenstein has shown many times that he can't get the simplest facts right when peddling his Zionist-Nazi conspiracy theories. [3]

Why does Tony Greenstein invent these lies about his critics? Because it's the only way of hiding the truth about himself. Last year, for instance, he was involved in organizing a rally that resulted in this account in the local newspaper: "Somebody clocked I was wearing a Jewish symbol on my necklace. All of a sudden, a crowd of people had surrounded the car and were shouting anti-Jewish chants. Somebody stuck a banner through the car window and I had to struggle to fight them off. They were calling me a terrorist and Jewish scum and insulting my family... This abuse was racist..." [4] A senior police officer commented: "I can only assume the intention of the demonstration in an area where there is a large Jewish population was a deliberate attempt to provoke and incite." [5]

Only a few weeks later, Tony Greenstein wrote to the same paper about a violent assault on an eight year old autistic boy with a broken arm – an assault so serious that, according to the father, "his hearing was impaired for several days" and the police had to be involved. Did Tony Greenstein side with the autistic boy and his father? Not at all. He wrote to say that this blatant act of child abuse was simply "reasonable chastisement." [6]


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